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Project Description

“Take an inviting, not-so-old house and give it an updated contemporary look. Mission accomplished with a sleek and clean luxury mountain modern aesthetic that melds form and function in a very winning way.  Located in Incline Village, the 6,558 square foot property was originally built in 2000.  This whole-house remodel was very much about “taking space and molding it and using the architectural details to mold the environment.”says Anita Lang, founder and principal designer of IMI Design.  Numerous heavy timber roof trusses repeat in the main living area and kitchen.  To maximize the home’s interior, the designer created a new master suite from two existing sleeping areas. Dianda Construction was key in rearranging the property’s spaces. The remodeled house now has five bedrooms and seven baths.  The home also includes a self-contained two-story guest suite, which provides visitors their own living and sleeping areas. The well-appointed ground-floor mudroom is outfitted with wonderful cubbies, seating and storage.” Excerpts from Tahoe Quarterly Volume 15, Issue 1


To complement the contemporary look and feel of the house, Sierra Integrated Systems (SIS) (sierraintegratedsystems.com) designed, installed and programmed many high tech features in the home. These included a flat panel TVs that can be hidden behind a sliding panel above the living room fireplace and another TV that disappears into a kitchen counter when not in use. A Savant control system integrates and controls the entire home’s audio video systems as well as the home’s lighting, motorized shades and cameras, which SIS also provided. One special challenge that SIS had to overcome was the acoustic treatment of the living room caused by its many acoustically reflective surfaces.

Project Details