The Dianda team is committed to sustainability and work hard to create and implement strategies to capitalize on the benefits of sustainable building. Our team members are also LEED-accredited and can help you with LEED compliance.

Why are our clients building using sustainable strategies?

Green initiatives align with the values of many of our clients. For businesses, creating a work environment or product using green building or sustainable practices can increase overall economic performance, boost worker productivity, reduce operational costs as well as attract talented workers who are seeking a socially-conscious employer. For residential clients, using sustainable construction methods reflect their desire to reduce their family’s energy footprint, integrate with the surroundings and even to push the envelope of new technology.

How can we help achieve your sustainability goals?

Achieving the balance of cost and schedule priorities with the implementation of sustainability goals can be simpler than it sounds. Dianda Construction gives you the tools you need to make informed decisions about integrating green technologies and strategies into your project. During preconstruction, we will champion your goals and work together with your design team to study options for building systems, life-cycle analyses for equipment, source special materials and identify the potential for reuse of existing or salvaged materials.

During construction, we will implement a responsible material strategy that promotes waste reduction and separation of recyclable materials from the waste stream. Furthermore, we’ll ensure your carefully chosen environmentally-conscious materials are compliant with your specifications through our quality control process.

Interested in pursuing LEED® Certification for your project?

Dianda Construction has LEED® accredited professionals ready to help you with compliance including data collection, calculations and online record submittals.