Dianda Construction empowers and supports our employees to take initiative and seek innovative solutions. To help guide one another, we brainstormed together the following values and expanded on them to define our intentions and goals. We are pleased to share them with you!

It’s all about people.

We believe in putting people first; clients, consultants, subcontractors and Dianda team members. We seek to improve the lives of others. Construction is not a solitary profession. That’s why our slogan is an invitation, “Let’s build together.”

We are better together.

Collective expertise, camaraderie, and collaboration make us stronger in our approach to our client’s needs, our work and our lives. Each of our contributions is important to achieving the team’s goal.

Think big. Have fun. Do good.

Humor makes the day fun. Humility and service to others keep us grounded.

Make it your best work.

We seek quality in every aspect of our work. A quality installation results from applying expertise and energy to planning, coordination and communication before and throughout the project.

Earn trust. Be responsible.

We are stewards of our client’s budget. We make decisions and communicate equally well with beginners as we do with other industry professionals. We tell the truth because it is in the best interest of others.

Grow yourself. Mentor others.

Each of us has the capacity to teach others. Together we can support one another to perform at our best and reach our potential or to discover new capabilities within ourselves.

Make things happen.

We empower our team members to take initiative and act appropriately on behalf of the project. We expect humility and transparency if a mistake is made.

Plan. Challenge. Solve. Adapt.

Every project is one-of-a-kind, a prototype if you will, requiring thorough planning and problem-solving. And then we continuously update and adapt the plan as challenges and opportunities arise, for the best possible outcome.

Finish strong.

We put the same energy and enthusiasm into the last few steps as we do the first ones.